Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sun at last!

I have not posted for ages but with the change in the weather and the end to the rain, for a bit anyway, I felt like taking some photos. I just nearly completed a new post here but managed to lose the lot so here goes again.

It is so great to see some colour in the garden , and also to smell the perfume of the lilacs and the wisterias. We have flung the windows wide to let some warmth into the house and are hoping summer is on the horizon.

I have been busy weaving and that is almost finished so will post pics of that next time. At the moment it is all go here at the moment as I am off in a few days for a weeks holiday in the UK both for Tamsins birthday and my brothers wedding. Should be a lovely week, lets hope the sun shines on us.!


Clare said...

You spoke too soon! We had the most horrendous orages late afternoon and most of the night. Power went at 18.00 and came back about 3 hours later. Woke this morning to no power again, but it was on within minutes. Overcast and grey and foul!

Lovely photos of the Wisteria. Mine is just about to come out.

jules said...

hi dawn

glad to see you posting again, got back today from the uk wet wet wet, so take your brolly. garden looks lovely, I have a new wisteria about 3 years old not sure when it will start to flower but here's hoping. ps raining here as well.

love jules x