Monday, 16 February 2009

Feels like Spring!

Well what a wonderful day, sunshine and blue sky and I have been working in the potager, digging and pruning. Really warm now, although frosty first thing. I have seen several groups of grues flying over, leaving Aquitaine for their summer breeding grounds. There must have been well over a thousand of them in the three groups so they obviously agree and think it is Springtime. As soon as we hear their familiar noise as they fly over we think either Winter is close or that Spring is coming. They go over the house twice every year, same route , it really is quite amazing.

Would love to have got some photos of them but sadly far too far up for my little camera to get a decent shot.

Still I did take a couple of pics whilst out in the sun.

The first few flowers just appearing. The daffs wont be long, they are in bud.

As you can see, Kassique could hear the camera focusing and was not impressed, tooooo scary! I love horses but they are daft sometimes and panic at the oddest things.

Hope you are all having the lovely weather too.