Friday, 12 December 2008

December catch up

Have just returned from a lovely break in the UK . It was lovely to spend time with Tamsin and visit some friends and family. It was also great to be able to have sausage and mash and fish and chips! Lovely. lol Funny the things you miss being in France.

It was especially nice to meet up with cousins, some of which I have not seen for years, so I took a few photographs and thought I would put them here.

Much as I love the animals it was also great to have a break from the alarm and mucking out every morning! I had a bit of a nasty shock when getting back to the airport in Bergerac to find the power steering had died on my car. A bit pricey getting a taxi home and then H arranged recovery for it the next day, so it could do into the local garage and that bill was horrendous so it will be a belt tightening Xmas I think. Good job most of the prezzies already made or bought.!