Friday, 20 March 2009

Weaving again at last!

Well what with one thing and another it has taken a while, but at last the loom is warped and I have started weaving again. Am using up some stash to make some towels in linen and cotton and for the first time I am trying waffle weave. It looks ok so far, but, not having done this pattern before I guess I wont really know if all is well until I have taken it off the loom and wet finished. Fingers crossed.

With all the lovely weather we are having needless to say lots of washing is getting done and it is a joy to be able to dry outside. Yesterday I had a purge on all the dog beds. When they were dry I put one on the stairs ready to take up with me next time I went upstairs. Later I was looking everywhere for Bianca and look where I ended up finding her.

Today they are being far more sensible and enjoying the sunshine.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Catching up!

I dont seem to have had much to write about on the blog lately, but am making an effort today to update. The weather is much improved and it is lovely to see the Spring flowers coming out. The first blossom has appeared too , on the mirabel tree so thoughts turn more to gardening and what to grow this year. I think lots of us will be making the most of our veggie patches this year to eke out the pennies, and it all tastes so much better anyway when you can just pick and cook.

I dont have a lot of room but certainly will do the toms and runner beans, french beans , peppers and chillis as well as lots of basil. I am going to have a go at hops this year too. I understand the shoots and leaves are tasty in salads, and mostly the flowers when drived aid sleep, soo am doing this project for my Mum who has problems sleeping. It is a long haul as it will be a couple of years until the first harvest but will be fun no doubt.

I have started weaving again now as at last we saved up for a fuel delivery and the house is warm again. Nothing scintillating but some waffle pattern that I have not tried before for towels. I am only just warping up so will let you know how it all goes.