Friday, 20 March 2009

Weaving again at last!

Well what with one thing and another it has taken a while, but at last the loom is warped and I have started weaving again. Am using up some stash to make some towels in linen and cotton and for the first time I am trying waffle weave. It looks ok so far, but, not having done this pattern before I guess I wont really know if all is well until I have taken it off the loom and wet finished. Fingers crossed.

With all the lovely weather we are having needless to say lots of washing is getting done and it is a joy to be able to dry outside. Yesterday I had a purge on all the dog beds. When they were dry I put one on the stairs ready to take up with me next time I went upstairs. Later I was looking everywhere for Bianca and look where I ended up finding her.

Today they are being far more sensible and enjoying the sunshine.


Leigh said...

Dawn, it looks great so far!

Very cute photo of Bianca. She must love her little bed.

jules said...

hi dawn
looking lovely down there in the sunshine. We too are enjoying a spot of outdoor manual labout ie the wall around the pool, the veggie bed and a general clearup of all the old building materials that have been left laying around in various piles. The man at the decheterie deads us arriving I'm sure. Well long may this lovely weather last.
ps what is that lovely purple plant by your path?

jules xx

Life Looms Large said...

Good luck with the waffle weave! I haven't tried it yet....but I just did my first huck towels and they changed remarkably when I wet finished them. (In a good way!!)

It's amazing how small Bianca looks in that picture in her dog bed compared to out on the porch!!