Friday, 9 May 2008

Home again

I have just returned from a lovely week in the UK, except for the weather which was pretty much wet wet wet. How nice it was to catch up with friends and family and not have to muck out each day. LOL

We celebrated Tamsins birthday on 30th with a nice meal at La Vista in the marina nearby.

Then at the weekend we went to my brother Julians wedding . It was really lovely and we certainly thought one of the best weddings we have ever attended. It was lovely to meet up with family not seen for ages and also to meet new family and friends. If you are reading this when you get home Jules, we hope you had a great honeymoon!!

The day before we came home we met up with other dear friends who we have not seen since before we moved to France, and yet another lovely meal! I think it will now be time to diet. lol

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jules said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all, we also returned from a wet uk last week, but the weather here in burgundy is sun, sun, sun!! Hope it is the same for you down there dawn.

love jules x