Thursday, 6 August 2009

Still not back to weaving, too hot for that but I have Good News

I am an Auntie! My lovely brother and his wife had a baby boy this week. His name is Leo and he is just the cutest. Tamsin popped in to see him yesterday and took this photo which we just have to put on here for all to see.


jules said...

ah bless him xx

julie said...

hi dawn how are things down there, the leaves are turning and the walnuts are already drying out on the windowsill. Its a bit nippy in the mornings and I think the fire might have to be lit by the weekend. Its been a long hot summer and our work target of getting the whole side of the barn and cafe done is almost on track. so I am feeling pretty chuffed as it was a tall order. I am itching to get inside and finish the interior of the gite and the barn we live in. hopefully allowing us to convert the old cafe next spring
(not much to do then eh!!)
jules xx