Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Gosh it is hot!!

Suddenly I realise it is quite a while since my last post. The weather is really hot just now and in the afternoons I have to hide inside where it is cool or have a dip. Today thunderstorms are forecast so maybe things will cool down a little.

Life has been pretty busy. There is always a lot to do in the garden at this time of year and if it is not weeding then there is plenty of fruit to pick and things to bake or jams to make. We had a great crop of apricots this year and so plenty of apricot jam, ( my favourite) and also some apricot sponges. Then the plums started to ripen. Last week I made a spicy plum sauce a la James Martin which was lovely with magret on the bbq and also I used one of Jamie's recipes for Plum Bakewell which got the thumbs up from everyone and I ended up making another! Still lots of plums to pick so ideas required. lol

This last week I have had visitors and it was just wonderful to have family here and people to chat to and cook for. Jill and Ian and Tamsin and Mike had not met up for a couple of years so lots of catching up to do. Tamsin had the sun and heat she wanted and she and Mike had a great time. They did a bit of exploring locally both in the car and by bike

Sadly I had to take them to the airport this morning . Why does time always pass so quickly. lol Anyway they took me out to dinner last night and we had such a lovely time, and for once it was a treat not to have to cook.

I took a few pics and will post them now. Now of to catch up with the laundry I guess and watch Le Tour!!

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