Tuesday, 27 January 2009

What a Storm!!

Well Friday night and Saturday here was pretty rough. We were alerted by the meteo that a storm was passing through but we did not expect it to be so bad , and in fact with winds up to 170kph and torrential rain it was as bad as the storm 10 years ago. It was quite frightening lying in bed in the early hours listening to the roaring of the wind and hoping that the roof would not take off and all would be safe. We were very lucky and apart from a few tiles moved which H will need to go up and put right when all is calm and dry ( he is not to keen on going up there LOL ) and a plum tree at a 45 degree angle and various branches etc all over the place we and the animals are all ok. The electricity went early on and then later the water so it was a challenge keeping warm etc and made us realise how we so easily take for granted running water from taps, loos that flush and fridges that keep our food fresh. We had to buy masses of bottled water to tide us and the animals over but luckily we have a gas cooker so we could heat water and cook by candle light.

Guess what, yes we had visitors for the weekend over from the UK. They arrived Friday afternoon, which was unduly calm and mild and was not quite the weekend they expected. Good job they are old friends.

We also lost the phones, not unexpectadly but at least the mobile signal stayed on which was something.

All around the area trees were fallen and blocking roads but it is amazing how quickly they get sawn up and moved . The essential services and all the locals with a tractor were out and about putting things to rights. Many houses around had roof damage. Small holes and tiles blown off but the men soon seemed to be up there putting things to rights. We had a small blip of electricity on Sat evening and thought all was being fixed but in the end it did not come back on until Sunday evening, just in time for Lark Rise to Candelford!! All in the freezer was ok so luckily no hassle of getting rid of all that and no insurance claim although I am sure the insurers of Aquitaine will have many many claims.

So all in all we are glad to be more or less back to normal apart from the wettest soggiest ground ever and hope all our friends reading this are safe too. I notice quite a few of you are not back online yet so we are thinking of you.


Clare said...

Very scary wasn't it, though we got off lightly and didn't loose the power at all, which makes a change.

Rex saw pictures of Bordeaux and Arcachon on FR3 last night. He says the damage is spectacular!

jules said...

we must have had the mini storm which then gathered speed as it headed towards your part of france, we lost electricty and the rain and wind was terrible. We were very lucky some of our villagers lost the odd tile, a greenhouse and a satellite dish. So it sounds like you got the brunt of it, well I am glad you are all safe and ok we are just waiting for the snow now that left me stranded at my daughters last week.

love jules x