Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year to All

I know it is a little late. Have been meaning to update the blog for a few days and just got around to it, mainly inspired by all the white stuff lying about today. Yes, it has snowed already for the second time this winter, quite amazing for this part of the world. It surely will not last for long so I have been doing a bit of happy snapping just to prove it is cold in this part of the world and that global warming feels like a myth!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We did here and ate and drank too much as usual so now time for a bit of weight watching . We had some family staying over Xmas and then friends around too on Boxing Day which was fun. It even snowed a little then for a few hours!

The weaving has been neglected I am afraid, but as soon as we are restocked with oil and the heating can be turned up a bit I will be brave enough to use the studio again. At the moment times are very hard for expats relying on UK pensions, we are now a third worse off than a couple of years ago and things are getting worse. Lets hope someone with some sense takes charge in UK in the very near future and sterling goes up in value again. We can but hope!


Leigh said...

Lovely photos, Dawn. Happy New Year to you too!

Richard said...

Lovely pics Dawn. Hope you can keep warm a while longer and the euro situation improves for you.

jules said...

Hi Dawn been meaning to leave a comment but have been so busy trying to thaw everything out, the weather up here has been freezing to say the least. We were in England for xmas and cam back to the big freeze. Finally made the big move across the courtyard to the barn, hopefully we can get on with turning the gite into a gite instead of a campsite. We started with great intentions we wer going to work on the remaining rooms in the barn at weekends and really go for it during the wek in the gite HA HA I cry, we have had broken hot tank, brkoen ecofire in the barn.Just when yhat is fixed frozen water in the gite bset laid plans eh. So enough moaning how are you further down warm I hope. Do you let out your property or is it just for your own use. We may travel further down in the summer. I love the snowy pictures they look so picture postcard.
hope to hear from you soon. I finally managed a small post this morning.
love jules x