Wednesday, 12 November 2008

November !!

Gosh here we are in November! Still it has been a wonderful Autumn, with colours on the trees and vines seldom seen. Now it is mostly about raking them up. The weather has been pretty wet wet wet, but luckily not too cold as yet.

Not a lot of news. Have been weaving for Xmas now. The dreaded X word creeping up fast. I have just finished a chenille scarf with a silk warp in a mix of lovely purples and dark pink. The fringe decided not to behave when I wet finished it which is a first, so had to undo that and re twist but I think it is fine now. I have taken a couple of photos.

Now I am just trying to design the right runner for daughter for Xmas and there are more scarves and bits to make so busy busy.


jules said...

hi dawn

leaves everywhere, and turning quite wet now, oh well I suppose winter has to come. we have had logs delivered and we are busy insulating everything in sight

Clare said...

Love the colour of the scarf. Reminds me of the vine leaves before they turned yellow and soggy. Is it me or does there seem to be more leaves than ever this year LOL.