Sunday, 28 September 2008

Autumn is here

The nights sure are starting to get very chilly, but the days are lovely. Sad to see the end of summer and all the leaves turning. It is a beautiful time of year but it does not seem that we really had much summer this year.

The grape harvest has started and yesterday they were picking in the vineyard opposite us so I took a few photos that I thought would be interesting to those that have never seen it before.

The machine straddles the vines and works up and down the rows picking the grapes. The grapes land on a conveyor belt which takes them up to the top of the machine and drops them in the storage bins.

The tractors and trailers wait nearby and as the bins fill up they are emptied into the trailers, which then swiftly take them back to where the grapes are being processesd. This is sometimes the owners chateau or with others to the local coop.

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Clare said...

Round here they still do it the traditional way with secateurs, paniers, bad backs and sore knees!

Great photos.