Wednesday, 13 August 2008

August catch up

The last week or so has been busy with visitors which was lovely. The weather was good nearly all the time thank goodness, and sometimes even a bit on the hot side for me.
Now to catch up with housework and gardening and weaving. Things seem so quiet now we are on our own again. lol C'est la vie.

I took some pics and even got one of H smiling so have to post some here.

A nice lunch in the square in St Emilion. My day off!

Sarah makes friends with Bianca, who really loved all the attention, and, as you can see below likes to be comfortable.

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jules said...

hi dawn

we have had visitors as well and the place seems empty now, the weather here has been fantastic BEEN!! being the word we are now very wet and windy so fingers crossed that it changes back as we still have the terrace around the pool to lay. You can see on my renovation site that at last the POOL IS IN!!