Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Just thought it was about time I added a few notes to the blog. The weather here is much better now and really hot in the afternoons making watering the garden a necessity. The veggie patch is just starting to produce which is so nice, but not much fruit this year thanks to grotty weather in the Spring.

I have just had family to stay as it was a big birthday for me this weekend, and we all had a lovely time with a great meal in St Emilion on Sunday.

I will post a few pics underneath

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer.


jules said...

hi dawn hope you had a great birthday, we have just had family over for 10 day so I'm sitting here enjoying the peace!! It has been very hot here for the last 3 weeks but last night a huge storm. It has cleared the air as it was getting a little bit uncomfy especially for this renovation lark. We are busy working on the pool so I'm off down the garden to make sure he who thinks he must be obeyed is not slacking.

love jules xx

Clare said...

Is that really you????, You look stunning! and H looks really well too.

Bit hot inn'it!