Sunday, 24 February 2008

Spring Already!!

It is ages since have posted anything and time has just whizzed by. Xmas is long in the past and Spring seems to have arrived earlier than I can ever remember before. The sunny days go on and on and I even had to water the garden yesterday as the daffodils etc were wilting. That's a first! The outside temperature has been reaching 21degs by early afternoon, so I wonder what summer will bring.

Not a great deal of weaving has been accomplished as have had a rather sad few months being very preoccupied with a poorly dog who sadly passed over a couple of weeks ago. Connie was 13 and much loved and much missed but will always be in our heart.

I have on and off been weaving some fabric to upholster a bedroom chair, for a friend of mine. It seems to be going well now but have had more than my share of broken ends on one side which is a first and caused a headache. I used 20/2 tencel for the warp with 60/2 silk as the weft . The tencel seemd more fragile than I remember. Still nearly done now and I hope it turns out well. I have wet finished the fabric I wove for curtains and now need to find time to make them up.

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jules said...

I wondered where how you were getting on down there, we are experiencing the same weather up here in Burgundy, this time last year we were under 2ft of snow how strange, anway glad to see you are well and back blogging. Sorry to here about your doggie. look forward to hearing from you soon