Monday, 14 May 2007

Long time no post!

Well it seems time has flown by yet again and I have not found time to post here. We have had some lovely hot weather in April but now it is May and really quite chilly . Usually May here is one of the best of the year and really hot.

However, the flowers are liking it and the roses are flourishing with all the rain so that is great. I took a few pics this week but must take some more as I have not had any of the zoo lately. lol

Weaving, well it is very slow. I have been weaving some towels and what with it being plain weave have got a bit bored and found it hard going, really must make an effort to finish shortly and get onto something which is a little more inspiring.

Lots more curtain fabric needs to be made and other bits so must try harder to get at the loom and not spend ages in the garden. That is the trouble with this time of year the veggie patch and flower borders seem to always need weeding!!


Clare said...

And the grass needs mowing every other day :-)

Clare said...

Gorgeous photos of the menagerie. Did you know that some of your posts are missing the "comments" link?