Monday, 20 November 2006

Upholstery fabric

My next challenge was to weave some upholstery fabric with which to recover the seats of our dining chairs. I wanted it to be hard wearing and to fit in with the recent decorating and furniture painting. After quite a lot of research I decided to us a wool/silk combination in lemon for the warp and pale blue for the weft. The yarn was called Zephyr by Jagger and was set at 30 epi to make it stable for seating. The pattern was one from and is a fancy twill on 16 shafts.

The warp was a real challenge to wind on as it was very sticky, and then to my horror the computer dobby decided not to work. It took quite a while to sort out as being August the loom manufacturers were on holiday, however in the end we found out it was the circuit board that had died and a new one was sent for me to replace and from then on the weaving went well. I wove 11 yds of fabric and now have to wet finish it and upholster the seats. That is a job for when I have a bit more time as now it is a rush to get some commissions and prezzies woven for Xmas.

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Leigh said...

Hi Dawn! Just found your blog from your signature link on your recent Online Guild message. Lovely!