Friday, 17 November 2006

First post

Hi Everyone, just trying this out so lets see how it goes.

The first weaving I did this year was to make some fabric for bathroom curtains. I wanted to be able to see through it, but not too well if you see what I mean, so I chose panels of plain and lace weave alternating and made it from a linen warp and a cotton and linen weft. This was my first play with linen so interesting.
Here is a pic of it on the loom.

Here it is wet finished prior to sewing

And finally the end product. Quite pleased with this first attempt, will certainly try more similar I think.

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Hello Dawn, I love your weaving, especially the chair seating.
I am posting a comment on your blog as I don't otherwise know how I can contact you.
My name is Andie Luijk (Mme) I live in the Ariege- non-retired with hubby and dog.
I run can contact me via there. 'Latest page'in the menu is my blog. I am a natural dyer.
Have just joined the Online Guild.
Looks like we are neighbours!
a bientôt