Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Still it rains!

April showers still continue!! Where does all this water come from. I hate it when it starts to spoil all the lovely flowers we have waited so long for, but c'est la vie I guess.

I can never resist taking photos of flowers so have been out in the garden to take a few pics despite it being wet everywhere, just chose a short dry interlude! The wisteria is at its all-time best this year. They say it takes a long time and I planted it 17 years ago !

The veg are potted up waiting to go in the veggie patch, but ground so sodden at the moment it is impossible to work on it. So far I have toms, courgettes, chillis and peppers waiting to go out and I want to plant some runner beans too and this year for a first I am having a go at hops. Not for future beer, but to use to promote sleep . It is supposed to work well and we shall see.


Clare said...

Yuk weather and it would be just when the wisteraia comes out. Ours is just out and, of course, it's not looking good in all this rain. Mind you, have you seen the forecast for Friday onwards? 24°!!!!!!!!!!!

jules said...

At least your wisteria is out this year I have lots of small buds but they just arn't breaking out. We do have the rain though.
Can you take a picture of your house showing the porch/pergola you have over the terrace. We have a similar spot but don't know what to do with it, and from the side picture you have taken it looks like you might have the answer. Back from the south now and raring to go with outside renovations
love jules xx