Thursday, 20 September 2007


Its that time of year again and the grape picking machines are going full pelt bringing the harvest in. Sadly it is not going to be very good this year as we have had such beastly weather. The weather is really autumnal and very chilly in the mornings but by midday it is nice in the sun.
At least the gardening should slow down a bit now and maybe I will have more time to catch up with the weaving.

Poor Connie has been in for an operation this week, as she had a lump in her neck that was just getting bigger and bigger. The vet thinks it is just a cyst so fingers crossed that the results will be good. She has made a great recovery and is as bright as a button so I took a pic of her this morning after changing her bandage.


Miles Away In France said...

Wow, they pick the grapes by hand here, I didn't now there was such things as a machine that could do it lol.
Racheal x

PS I'm excited for you on your future etsy shop x

jules said...

Hi Dawn, the weather is pretty much the same up here in burgundy, we have been working inside our barn this week and I have noticed that the rooms are beginning to feel nippy and I only get warm when I pop across to the gite to make a cup of tea, we were planning to put our pool in this autumn but it has been to wet so work carries on inside, hopefully we will be toasting our toes on christmas morning by the big inglenook paul has built in the lounge. I love your weaving it is so pretty you are very clever, where do you find the time. I shall pop back soon to see how you are getting on in Aquitaine.


jules said...

hi dawn, I found your site through a friend of mine Racheal over at milesawayinfrance, I check on her website most days as I don't get to see her as often as I should. Renovation has taken over my life !! feel free to check my renovation website and leave me comments of encouragemnet it keeps me going. speak soon apples to peel

jules xx

Miles Away In France said...

Hi Dawn.

Thanks for the comment about the walnuts, I don't have any ideas of what to do with them, sorry. I just keep on eating them.
Racheal x