Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A bit more weaving!

At long last I have got around to making the bedroom curtains I wanted from the last piece of fabric that I wove. It could really do with a much larger window to show off the lacy pattern, but this window needed curtains so Voila!

I have also done a few towel recently from weaving up some 8/2 stash cotton with a cotton chenille weft. It was a bit of an experiment, and the towels are fine and functional but not as thick as I had hoped and they were very boring to do. It will be a long time until I do plain weave again but we live and learn. I got so bored it quite put me off and hence took ages to complete. Still now I have a few projects to plan which are interesting. One is to make fabric for dining room curtains, then a throw for a friend and then some upholstery fabric for another friend. That should keep me busy in the heat of the summer, if of course the summer ever arrives!

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memi said...

Nice curtains and ... a nice room