Saturday, 13 January 2007

A couple more pics

Well I dont seem to have had much to write about lately . I have loaded a pic of the two chenille scarves I have just finished. The red was done on a 20/2 tencel warp and the pink was on an 8/2 tencel warp. Both came out really soft and lovely after careful wet finishing and this time of course they dont have chenille fringes which I thought would make them wear better. We shall see.

Weather here damp and mild, not like January at all, but it does save on the oil for the central heating so that is good. The horses dont understand it and I have been clipping them again already as they were too hot. Seems odd being out in the garden in a t - shirt at this time of year, and there is so much gardening to do but at the moment all is a bit soggy so the loom is winning!

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Clare said...

I hate this weather. I find the best thing is to snuggle up with a a quilt, needle and thread and start hand quilting like crazy! However, it looks as if today is getting back to normal January weather.

There is a rumour that February is going to be cold.